I don’t know about you, but when my space is too cluttered, my life feels too cluttered. I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a hoarder; however, I do tend to over prepare for things. Moving into my college dorm was no exception. Throughout my freshman year, I learned a lot of things. One of those things being that I have way too many unnecessary things. Today, I’ll be sharing 7 things that will definitely not be on my Move-In Day Packing List this year.


1. A Printer// 

Yes, I brought my own printer. One that had been advertised as the “World’s Smallest Wireless Printer”. It seemed like a genius idea at the time. After all, what if I needed to print something when the library (the closest building to my dorm with printers) was closed? What if it was snowing and I didn’t want to walk across campus to the 24/hour computer lab? What if I was just having a lazy day and didn’t want to leave my room to print something? While having a printer in your dorm room may seem like a convenient luxury, in my case, my printer only caused an extra headache. I was never able to connect it to my school’s Wifi properly, which meant that each time I wanted to print a paper, I had to plug it into my laptop and wait up to 10 minutes per page. It ended up being a waste of time, space, and money, and one of several items that I ended up hauling back home at the beginning of Fall Break. Go Jordan.

2. A Million Dishes//

For some reason, I love coffee mugs almost as much as I love coffee itself. Okay, maybe not that much. 🙂 However, I do love them a lot, along with cute bowls, plates, regular cups, silverware, tumblers, travel mugs, water bottles, etc. They seem to be an obsession of mine for a reason I have not yet determined. Last summer when the time came to pack up my belongings in preparation for move-in day, I struggled to part with any of my acquired mugs, bowls, plates, tumblers, and travel mugs. And so I did not part with them. I’m typically very diligent about washing my dishes almost immediately after I use them, therefore, I quickly realized that, though I wanted to keep all of my dishes in my room, I really didn’t need all of them. This year, I will only be taking a select few. I’m sure my family will make use of the rest of them more frequently than I would.

3. A Cordless Phone//

My mother may fight me on this one, as she loved the idea of being able to call me on something other than my cell phone (my service is a little patchy) ; however, I wasn’t able to call anyone on the phone because of “long distance” and only received phone calls occasionally from my mom and a few telemarketers, who somehow got the number. All it did was take up an extra outlet.

4. Bulky Wall Art and Decorations//


One night, as I was trying to sleep peacefully in my dorm bed, enjoying sweet dreams of unicorns, lattes, and Lemonheads (the candy I’m most addicted to. I’m not sure why.), I was *BAM* jolted awake by a sudden pain directly below my left eye. After immediately sitting up to investigate my surroundings while still in a confused and sleepy state, I realized that my “Live Beautifully” wooden wall canvas was no longer hanging in it’s place above my bed. Four command strips must not have been strong enough to secure it, as it had fallen and landed on my face. The slight bruising on my cheekbone the next morning was a lovely reminder that the smaller and lighter the decorations, the better. Sometimes less really is more.

5. 85 Decorative Pillows//

Okay, 85 may be an exaggeration as to how many pillows called my bed their home my freshman year; however, I did have way too many pillows for my own good. Yes, they were cute. Yes, they were comfy to sit against. Unfortunately, it was also a pain in the bum to have to move them to the floor every night, jump over them in the dark to go to the bathroom, and throw them back on the bed every morning. Not worth it.

6. A Moon Chair//

In general, I love my fuzzy, memory foam moon chair! (It’s quite luxurious.) When it comes to small dorm rooms though, it’s not a very practical possession. I brought the chair thinking that it would be nice to have an extra seat if my roommate or I had friends in our room. In reality, it stayed stored under my bed for most of the year and the few friends we had in the room at a time were completely fine with sitting on the desk chairs, or our beds. When it was time to drag out the ol’ chair in May, I discovered hundreds of dust bunnies clung to the back and also realized how much under-bed storage space had been taken up by its presence.

7. Every Clothing Item I Own//

Again, I did leave some of my clothing at home; however, I brought way too many clothes for the amount of space I had in our shared closet and my dresser. Though we made it work, extra piles of folded clothes on a shelf and dresser drawers that were bursting at the seams made the environment a little more stressful. After months of trying to fold and hang clothing using different methods, tricks and patterns to make everything fit, a minimalist-inspired closet for this year sounds like an extremely satisfying endeavor to achieve.


Fellow College Students!: Do you have experiences that have caused you to cross some things off of the Move-In Packing List?? Do you have any advice for freshmen on what to leave at home? Make sure to let me know!
~Another Human


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  1. Oh my Gosh!! My mom bought me a cordless phone my freshman year also, hahaha. My roommates mom ended up being the only person to call us on it. Loved your post!!

    1. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who had the cordless phone experience!! and thank you so much!!

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